DIONE Products

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"Fresher than fresh" is our shock-deep-frozen fruit that we harvest at the peak of ripeness. Natural taste, scent and color will elevate the taste of your desert, cake or cream to the real pleasure during any time of the year. 


We harvest the delicate Czech vegetables at the peak of ripeness. We cautiously select, clean, and carefully process the best of them, so they keep the maximum natural taste and nutrients.

Mixed Vegetables

Precisely selected and carefuly processed DIONE mixed vegetables are a perfect base for cooking soups and ready made meals. A wide variety of delicious tastes, fresh colors, and natural flavors are the main features of DIONE.

Ready Meals

The essential base for  healthy and tasty food is the quality of the ingredients.  We select and process them carefully to create  delicious combinations for your ready made meals that are tasty and healthy.

Ice cream

Healthy indulgence without artificial preservatives, stabilizers, or colorants. Enjoy the Dione frozen fruit specials and sorbets prepared from fresh fruit at the peak of ripeness.